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The worship community has moved into the media age by enhancing the total worship experience with the use of multimedia visual and audio. Churches and worship venues everywhere are adding multimedia aspects to their sermons, hymns, plays and other spiritual experiences. Video and sound presentations elevate the senses and feelings of all who attend and increase the level of active participation. Multimedia in a worship service is a combination of spirit, art, and technology. A multimedia system is designed to complement the "personality" of the community. When properly designed this technology works hand- in-hand with contemporary and traditional styles of worship.

GEER Sound & Communications serves the worship community business community by designing and delivering professional equipment and services to fulfill the needs of churches and other worship facilities. We leverage our past experience by paying special attention to the architectural requirements and the individual needs of your house of worship.

Our goal is to design the most effective solution with the best quality equipment available within our customer’s budget. After the sale, we ensure the usefulness of the solution with reliable and professional service.

  • * Video projection displays for text, graphics, and   video
  • * Choir and musical group sound reinforcement
  • * Church specific microphone location design
  • * Designer color/wood projection screens to church   specifications
  • * Single or multiple hanging speaker designs
  • * Computer Interfaces to Church Display Systems
  • * Sound and video distribution to multiple church  locations
  • * Event recording systems and duplication machines
  • * Paging and intercom systems
  • * ADA compliant hearing system specialists
  • * Upgrades and additions to existent systems



You can always count on GEER Sound & Communications for quality advice and service. Please call us for specific equipment information, and take advantage of our planning, design and installation services for your media facilities.