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vermont large venue media solutions

Sound systems and video displays can be found in sports complexes, retail establishments, theaters, and every other venue where large numbers of people gather. Whether your customer is a sports fan, a movie buff, or a casual consumer, they expect quality audio and visual communication. In fact, what could be more important to your customers than the ability to clearly see, hear and absorb your message?

GEER Sound provides quality designs and delivery of professional equipment and services to fulfill the unique multimedia requirements of a large venue. We utilize our extensive experience by paying special attention to the architectural requirements of your location, as well as factoring in your customer’s expectations and the needs of your business.

Our clients may call Geer Sound & Communications to purchase an industrial grade sound system, or a fully designed and installed ballroom audio visual system. Regardless of the service, we integrate professionalism, quality and reliability in every business transaction with our large venue customers.

Our goal is to design the most effective solution with the best quality equipment available within our customer’s budget. After the sale, we ensure the usefulness of the solution with reliable and professional service.

  • * Sports arena sound - indoor/outdoor
  • * Video projection
  • * Integrated auditorium multimedia systems
  • * Security camera design and installation
  • * Restaurant and retail music and video
  • * Conference and reception room A/V
  • * Central computer control of system components
  • * Distributed video for event display and messaging
  • * Distributed background music
  • * Paging and intercom systems
  • * Retrofit of older sound systems



You can always count on GEER Sound & Communications for quality advice and service. Please call us for specific equipment information, and take advantage of our planning, design and installation services for your media facilities.